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Save Elephants


www.savetheelephants.org Our mission is to secure a future for elephants and to sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places where they live; to pr...

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Save The Elephants

Save The Elephants...

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Save the Elephants - GPS

WAB SITE: www.savetheelephants.org...

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Save the Elephants - Protection

WAB SITE: www.savetheelephants.org...

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Save the Elephants - Sentience

WAB SITE: www.savetheelephants.org...

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Using fireworks and chili powder to save elephants? That's exactly what's happening in northern Tanzania where Honeyguide Foundation has developed a four-step "...

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Save The Elephants - 'Nevertire' (dir: Kess BD)

In the towering concrete canyons and pulsing lights of New York City, two ambassadors for Mother Nature come with a gentle, inspiring message for us all. A s...

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Save The Elephants

Elephants are in crisis. A century ago there were an estimated five million elephants in Africa. Today, there are less than half a million. On average, at least...

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Can the UK ivory ban save elephants?

In recent years, the international community has finally begun to recognise that the existence of legal domestic ivory markets stimulates demand, confounds enfo...

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